I’m a first time used car owner and I didn’t feel taken care of in terms of being thoroughly told about the billing and parking fees. However, I do appreciate the recommendation about WeBuyCars—now I’m totally free of the burden of my junker!

3 R & I Automotive 11/6/2017

you guys are great always feel safe that the car is in good order after your service

5 R & I Automotive 10/31/2017

Timely and thorough work. Nice people, too.

5 R & I Automotive 10/22/2017

Car ready on time. Price right. Job well done

5 R & I Automotive 10/7/2017

Great service.

5 R & I Automotive 10/7/2017

Everything went very well. Thanks

4.5 R & I Automotive 10/3/2017

As usual, Ray and his team WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY to accommodate me. I booked an appointment for a brake check because I thought I had "felt" something "grate" when responding to an "hard-braking" situation a few times. . .(everything was okay and the bill was, as usual, EXTREMELY REASONABLE considering all the work involved!). Ray's long-time team did a thorough inspection and found a couple of points of concern that need to be addressed in an agreed-upon 2-stage process. R&I has stood by me through several "car iterations" for YEARS now, and their rates are ALWAYS affordable, accurate and effective. . .not to mention the times they've GONE OUT OF THEIR WAY to accommodate various "special needs" circumstances over the years. They're all like "Extended Family" to me, and I DEEPLY APPRECIATE EACH ONE OF THEM.

5 R & I Automotive 9/30/2017

Fast and very competent service.

5 R & I Automotive 9/28/2017

Everyone was very helpful and pleasant.

5 R & I Automotive 9/15/2017

R & I is the only automotive service that my 2002 Accord will allow me to take it to for service!!!

4.5 R & I Automotive 8/29/2017