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San Rafael Honda Accord Service and Repair

Our mission at R & I Automotive is to provide superior San Rafael Honda Accord service and repair. Whether it is electrical system problems, brake repair, engine issues, transmission problems, or air conditioning coolant leak, or our nationally ASE certified technicians can diagnose and fix most problems the same day. R & I Automotive is the premier San Rafael Honda repair shop. 

Honda vehicles are well known for their quality, and Honda Accord certainly lives up to that reputation. But even a Honda Accord can have an “off” year. 2003 model suffered from transmission failures, the 2008 Accord experienced premature brake wear, while the 2009 model had brake issues. At R & I Automotive we keep abreast of the issues affecting Honda Accord models, as well as the latest technical developments that allow us to service and repair your Honda more efficiently. 

Regularly servicing your Honda Accord at R & I Automotive in San Rafael satisfies requirements for keeping factory warranty in force. 

We suggest following manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule.  Regular service not only extends the lifespan of the engine but allows us to assess the overall health of your Honda – every time your vehicle comes to our shop, we do an overall inspection – we check belts, hoses, tires, adjust tire pressure if needed, and look at other subsystems – often we can spot and correct problems before they develop into breakdowns or expensive repairs. 

When you bring your Accord to our San Rafael Honda repair facility, you will meet our friendly staff, and you will experience:

● 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty
● Same day service, in most cases
● Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your car

R & I Automotive is a full-service San Rafael Honda repair shop – we provide not only factory recommended maintenance services, brake repair, transmission issues, a/c recharge, brake pad replacement, radiator repair, timing belt replacement, water pump replacement, electrical system diagnostics and repairs, fuel system problems, transmission flush, brake fluid flush, clutch replacement, engine repairs, we can diagnose and repair causes of the “check engine” light, handle wheels and tires, alignment, catalytic converter,  to name just a few. Naturally, if you are purchasing a pre-owned Accord, we also perform Honda pre-purchase inspections. 

Whether your Accord needs minor service or major repairs – bring it to R & I Automotive in San Rafael – we will take good care of your vehicle. You can set up an appointment online, or simply call us.