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10 Tire Care and Maintenance Tips

10 Tire Care and Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your car tires is one of the most important aspects of car care. Your tires are one of the most important features of your vehicle that are responsible for safety, comfort, mobility, and fuel usage. That’s why it’s so important to take care of them properly. Here at R & I Automotive, the number 1 tire shop in San Rafael, CA, we want to help you take care of your tires and keep them in top condition. Here are our 10 tips on how to do just that! Tire Tip #1: Check your tire pressure regularly Tire pressure is one of the most important things to keep an eye on when it comes to your car. If it’s too low or too high, tire pressure can cause problems like decreased fuel economy, premature tire wear, and even blowouts. It’s critical that you check your tire pressure at least once a month, and more often if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. Tire Tip #2: Keep an eye on your tread depth Checking your  tire’s tread depth is ... read more