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Fluid Checks

Fluid Checks

Modern cars are marvels of engineering – they carry us for thousands of miles without problems, and without complaints. In order to do so, they rely on a number of fluids – which should be checked regularly.  Number one fluid to check is the engine oil – without it, the engine would be damaged and unable to work. You should check engine oil level about once a month – more often if your car is old, or if you know that it uses up oil at an accelerated rate.       Other fluids that require an occasional check:      a) Antifreeze fluid – not a big concern in the Bay Area, unless you are going skiing     b) Windshield Wiper fluid     c) Power steering fluid – it lubricates the power steering system that assists drivers with turning the steering wheel      d) Coolant – keeps cooling system functioning, and prevents engine overheating     e) Transmission fluid &ndash ... read more