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Fluid Checks

Modern cars are marvels of engineering – they carry us for thousands of miles without problems, and without complaints. In order to do so, they rely on a number of fluids – which should be checked regularly. 

Number one fluid to check is the engine oil – without it, the engine would be damaged and unable to work. You should check engine oil level about once a month – more often if your car is old, or if you know that it uses up oil at an accelerated rate.      

Fluids | R & I Automotive

Other fluids that require an occasional check: 
    a) Antifreeze fluid – not a big concern in the Bay Area, unless you are going skiing
    b) Windshield Wiper fluid
    c) Power steering fluid – it lubricates the power steering system that assists drivers with turning the steering wheel 
    d) Coolant – keeps cooling system functioning, and prevents engine overheating
    e) Transmission fluid – keeps transmission lubricated and functioning
    f) Brake fluid – brake fluid is hygroscopic – the word means that it absorbs water – it needs to be tested from time to time, to make sure water content is not too high – or it will damage brake system 

You can easily check the level of engine oil and wiper fluid. The remaining fluids are either difficult to check without professional tools and lifts, or can be dangerous to check – coolant level should only be checked when the engine is cold - otherwise it can result in serious injury. 
If you are not sure how to check fluid levels, we recommend that you bring your vehicle to R & I - we can check fluid levels for you, and top them off, if necessary.