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3 Car Problems You Should Not Ignore – Search for “Audi Near Me” Now

3 Car Problems You Should Not Ignore

Early diagnosis of Audi problems can save you from tons of headaches, so find an auto service shop in San Rafael, California as soon as you can. 

Audi cars are luxury vehicles known for their reliability and stylish design. Owning one can be an expensive investment, but it can needlessly cost more if you ignore the signs that it needs an appointment with a mechanic.

If you are a proud Audi owner, you should pay close attention to performance hiccups and abnormal sounds coming from your vehicle. These may indicate problems that you can address now to save on steep service costs in the future - doubly so if the Audi dealership warranty has already lapsed.

Audi Near Me – When is it time to ask for help?

Here are three urgent symptoms that your Audi urgently needs maintenance services. Heeding the signs can spell the difference between having a happy road trip and getting your Audi stuck in the middle of a highway in San Rafael or the greater San Francisco area.

1. Smoke from the tailpipe

Smoke coming from your Audi is a definitive indicator that you need a mechanic in San Rafael. Observe the color and smell of the fumes, as they can indicate underlying problems with your Audi. For example, cars with a faulty carburetor or fuel injector will burn much fuel and produce black smoke.


Blue smoke suggests that your Audi is burning oil at the spark plugs or the valve. It may also mean you have a faulty car turbocharger. If the smoke from your Audi is white and comes with a sweet odor, perhaps the coolant is leaking while your engine is burning it.


Regardless of the smoke color, you should immediately visit an Audi shop in San Rafael, CA. Faulty internal parts may result in inefficient fuel economy or, worse, the entire car engine seizing altogether. The costs of Audi engine replacement and its impact on sale value can be staggering

2. Poor Acceleration and Fuel Economy

Do not ignore if your Audi does not respond fast enough when you step on the gas. For turbocharged models, the turbo is possibly failing at sucking more air into the fuel cylinder. Its purpose is to increase power while reducing exhaust waste, but a faulty one can overwork your Audi and consume more fuel.


A faulty Audi turbocharger may also cause fuel to leak into the exhaust. It then becomes a vicious cycle of consuming more gas and not reaching your desired speeds. If you notice that you started visiting gas stations in San Rafael more frequently, it is time to bring your Audi to an automotive repair shop.

3. Rattling Noises Under the Hood

The name Audi means 'to listen' in Latin. You can think of it as a suggestion that you should listen and try feeling if something is off when you are driving. If you hear loud rattling noises in your engine, you should immediately find an Audi mechanic in San Rafael.


Faulty engine bearings and rapidly grinding parts are the probable culprits, and they can cause the entire engine to seize. Because of accumulated wear and tear, this issue might be more prevalent with older cars like Audi Cabriolet models and the Audi A-series from the 1990s and 2000s. 


There are other possible reasons why cars make loud knocking noises, but a certified Audi repair mechanic in San Rafael, California can diagnose the exact problem.

Google “Audi Near Me” Now to Get Professional Auto Mechanics

If you are unsure where in San Rafael or the San Francisco Bay area can you find a good repair and maintenance shop, try googling “Audi near me". As the old saying goes, prevention is always better than cure - more so after your Audi warranty with the dealership has lapsed.

Whether your Audi needs servicing or it's just time for routine maintenance this 2020, we at R & I Automotive can take care of it at a reasonable price. We take pride in our ASE-certified auto mechanics, state-of-the-art tools, and 20 years of quality experience on Audi services in San Rafael and the San Francisco Bay area.

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