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How To Choose a Good Transmission Shop San Rafael, CA Offers

How to Choose Transmission Shop in San Rafael

Your vehicle consists of many parts and one of its most critical components is the transmission, also known as the vehicle's "gearbox". The car's transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. It allows the driver to control how much power is delivered to the car without changing how fast the engine runs. To put it simply, a vehicle's transmission ensures that your engine is running properly without going too fast or too slow. If your vehicle's transmission breaks down, it may need repair or worse, a transmission rebuild.

Manual Vs. Automotive Automatic Transmission Repair

There are two types of transmissions in engines: manual and automatic transmissions. Both have their pros and cons and it's up to you to choose according to your needs.

Is Automatic Transmission repair complicated?

The answer is it depends.

One of the selling points of vehicles with automatic transmission is that it is easy to drive. The driver does not have to shift gears manually as the automatic transmission instinctively changes gear ratios while the car is moving. But in order to have this ease of use, a vehicle with automatic transmission requires more work done internally.

A more specialized process that requires electrical diagnosis is needed when it comes to automatic transmission repair. Even newer vehicles with automatic transmissions need more advanced and specialized technology, such as a computerized diagnostic tool.

Manual Transmission Repair

In manual transmissions, the driver has full control of the acceleration speed unlike in automatic transmissions. Improved gas mileage is another significant benefit.

Regarding repairs, a vehicle with manual transmission requires fewer trips to an automatic transmission repair shop.

Signs You've Found The Best Automotive Transmission Repair Shop

Drivers who have to bring their car for transmission service in San Rafael, CA, know how much of a major repair it can be. Transmission repair means taking apart and repairing the most important component of your vehicle. This is why you have to choose the most reliable transmission service and repair shop with certified mechanics in San Rafael, CA. But how do you know if you've found the best automotive repair shop? Here is a list of what you should be watching out for.

Automotive Repair Service with Certified Mechanics

When choosing an auto repair shop to work on your vehicle, it may be helpful to look for a shop that has highly qualified maintenance professionals who can diagnose transmission problems. There is actually no legal certification required to work as a mechanic in San Rafael, CA but finding someone who took the time and effort to prove their knowledge is a good choice. They have a clear idea of what an automotive repair service includes and can give you a fair price on service and repairs. Also, expect highly-qualified mechanics to provide prompt and courteous service from these transmission experts without racking up a hefty invoice.

Advanced Automotive Transmission Repair Facility

To have an auto repair shop where you can go for transmission and other auto repair services is advantageous and minimizes your stress. If you have to choose, go for one within the San Rafael area. These transmission service shops are ready to help you with your engine troubles. Check if your automotive repair shop offers advanced diagnostic tools as this will help them accurately diagnose needed service and repair.

Extensive Automotive Transmission Repair Knowledge

You need to visit an automatic transmission repair shop in San Rafael, CA if you catch these issues:

  • Check Engine Light. The engine is the heart of your vehicle and is connected to every part of your car, including the transmission. When your car's check engine light is "ON", something is wrong with your car. Do not delay going to an auto repair shop.
  • Leaking or Low Transmission Fluid. The easiest way to identify any transmission-related problem is through transmission fluid leaks. If you see a red-colored fluid staining your garage, your vehicle may have a transmission fluid leak causing mechanical problems.
  • Burning Smell, even without smoke. When there's a burning smell in your car, even without smoke, there might be a problem with your transmission causing your vehicle's cooling and heating system to malfunction.