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7 Signs That You Need to Visit an Auto Repair Shop ASAP

7 Signs That You Need to Visit an Auto Repair Shop ASAP

Are you noticing problems with your car that you can't seem to fix on your own? If so, it might be time to take it to an auto repair shop in San Rafael, CA. After all, delaying your appointment with a mechanic can result in unexpected breakdowns and more expensive repairs down the line.   As such, our experts at R&I Automotive repair shop share seven warning signs that your car needs some TLC. Here they are: 1. Loud grinding noises are coming from under the hood If you're hearing weird noises coming from under your hood, it's definitely time to google "auto repair shop near me." Those noises could be a sign of something serious, like a problem with the engine or transmission. For example, grinding sounds can indicate metal-to-metal contact inside the engine block due to worn bearings. 2. Your car is leaking fluids - Auto Repair Shop in San Rafael, CA Pu ... read more