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The Importance of Changing Your Oil in Winter Near Me San Rafael CA

Oil Change in Winter near me San Rafael CA


Winter is a difficult time of year for your vehicle. Oil becomes thicker in the cold, and it can be more challenging to get an oil change near San Rafael, CA.


Oil changes will help protect your engine from wear and tear. In addition, oil changes help keep your car healthy and ensure that it's in good working order. Oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle, so keeping it clean and fresh will go a long way towards protecting you from car breakdowns.


R & I Automotive in San Rafael, California, provides car owners and drivers with expert car care maintenance services such as oil changes in winter near me San Rafael, CA.

Why is an Oil Change Service during Winter near me in San Rafael, California Important?

Oil changes near me, San Rafael CA, are essential to keep your car healthy. Oil changes help protect your engine from wear and tear. Winter can be challenging on a vehicle.


Here are some tips to get your vehicle ready during winter in San Rafael, California:


Check Engine Oil

The best time to change your oil, filter, and lube is before the first sign of winter. Be sure you have enough fuel in the tank for your engine to avoid being sluggish when driving during winter. 


Driving during winter can be tough on your car's engine. Oil changes help protect the motor from wear and tear as it gets colder outside.


Change Oil Filter

The filters are usually made from a more refined mesh material that does not allow as much airflow in cold weather or increased pressure on startup when you turn over an engine after sitting overnight with no fuel injection system activity. 


To ensure that your car's engine has enough oil, ensure the filter is clean and installed correctly.


Consider the Age of your Battery

A car battery doesn't last as long when it's cold.


It is best to get a new battery if you have a near-four or five-year-old vehicle and your lights are starting to die on command from the ignition even with minimal use. You can also save yourself some money by checking for any signs of erosion in those components first.


Inspect the Timing Belt

Timing belts are a significant challenge in the winter when being stranded means not just an inconvenient situation but potentially life-threatening.


In addition, cold weather can cause the timing belt to stretch and wear sooner than expected due to expansion or contraction caused by extreme temperature changes in San Rafael, California.

What Type of Oil Should You Get in the Winter Season in San Rafael, California?

The type of oil you should use for your car has to do with its make and model.


For example, suppose the manufacturer approves it as compatible with winter conditions like low temperatures or heavy traffic. In that case, synthetic oils are usually recommended over standard petroleum-based grades because they stay viscosity at these colder temps, making them better suited year-round.


When it comes to the weight of your oil, you'll need to consult a manual for what types can be put in.

Get an Oil Change Service During Winter at R & I Automotive San Rafael, CA

It's always a good idea to get your vehicle in top shape for winter. With careful maintenance and the help of an experienced mechanic from a reliable auto repair and service shop at San Rafael, California, you can keep it running smoothly through snowstorms or long periods.


At R & I Automotive, we have a team of experts in all things automotive. So whether you need routine maintenance such as an oil change or an emergency repair, we have the solutions for your car's needs!


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