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Mini Cooper is 60 years old!

Mini Cooper is 60 years old! It is hard to believe that the first MINI was introduced in Great Britain in 1959, in August – so Mini Cooper is over 60 years old! Originally it came in two versions: Morris Mini-Minor and Austin Seven. The differences between models were minimal. At the time, the price tag was £497 of which roughly 30% was the British "purchase tax". Designed to be fun to drive and fuel efficient as well, MINI Cooper was welcomed by British drivers still brutalized by fuel shortages due to the 1957 Suez Canal crisis. MINI instantly won their harts and minds. At R & I Automotive in San Rafael, we wish the MINI another 60 years of fun and open roads. R & I is the premier San Rafael MINI service and repair center. And yes, we are starting preparations for MINI’s 100th birthday, coming up in 2059. In the meantime, if you need MINI service or repairs, do not hesitate to call us or schedule and appointment online &ndash ... read more

Fluid Checks

Fluid Checks

Modern cars are marvels of engineering – they carry us for thousands of miles without problems, and without complaints. In order to do so, they rely on a number of fluids – which should be checked regularly.  Number one fluid to check is the engine oil – without it, the engine would be damaged and unable to work. You should check engine oil level about once a month – more often if your car is old, or if you know that it uses up oil at an accelerated rate.       Other fluids that require an occasional check:      a) Antifreeze fluid – not a big concern in the Bay Area, unless you are going skiing     b) Windshield Wiper fluid     c) Power steering fluid – it lubricates the power steering system that assists drivers with turning the steering wheel      d) Coolant – keeps cooling system functioning, and prevents engine overheating     e) Transmission fluid &ndash ... read more